Health and Sport

People often use the words health and sport without thinking about the true meaning of these words. Both are habitual for hearing, but not for the deep layers of consciousness.

Usually an average person associates the word health with the state of his or her body when "nothing hurts." But “does not hurt” and to be healthy are fundamentally different things.

In my opinion, a man is a transitional state between the world of animals and the world of gods. Both angels and demons have the same power over a man, but at the same time a man is initially endowed with free will and free choice. The direction in which he (or she) moves (develops) depends solely on the person himself (herself).

Similar to a driver sitting inside a car, we are locked inside our own bodies. However, we and our bodies are not the same thing, even though people usually identify themselves with their bodies.

The human body is like a car. With the help of the body, we not only move in time and space, but we also transform the world around us. The human body is a tool using which we realize ourselves in earthly life.

In order to be able to achieve your goals as successfully as possible, you must have an impeccable body in which all the elements are balanced.

Health is a state of harmony and balance of the elements within the body. Health is a psychophysiological state of an organism in which a person does not get sick and does not grow older.

Not getting sick and not growing old is the very first step that one needs to climb. For the one who chose the path of yoga, this is not only the initial, but also a vital step on the Path. Without reaching this stage, it is impossible to master truly serious practices.

For gaining health, there is a huge variety of different tools in the form of various techniques, recommendations, etc. Each person is deeply individual and each person needs a special approach. What is good for one person can be detrimental to another person.

The very concept of sport is both abstract and concrete at the same time. This concept includes completely different, sometimes very specific types of physical and intellectual activity, aimed primarily at improving the physical health of a person and at raising his or her level of intelligence.

In this particular case, we do not consider doing sports as a mean of setting records and satisfying the ego. We are not interested in victory in competitions and we do not compete with anyone. We only compete with ourselves. For us, sport is a tool for improving the physical and mental characteristics of a person.

In order to gain health and rise to the first step, we use various techniques. Doing sports is one of them.

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