Yoga | Tummo

Tummo is a condition that occurs during the practice of kindling the inner Fire.

Tummo allows you to immerse yourself in meditation being without clothes high up in the mountains in the cold or being immersed in ice water.

It is impossible to deceive yourself or others – if a person is really in a state of meditation, stem comes from his or her body and perspiration appears on his or her forehead as if the person is in a sauna and not in ice water.

Yoga is not a sport, not a complex of physical exercises, and even more so, it is not a fashionable hobby that you can do depending on your mood from time to time.

Yoga is a conscious choice of the one who has become cramped in his or her own body.

If you choose the path of a yogi, you must be internally ready to give away everything that you previously considered to be yours.

At any moment …

Leave everything behind without any regret. Absolutely everything, including your own life.

The path of a yogi is the path of life, but it runs through death.

If there is even a drop of doubt inside you and if you are not ready to dissolve in infinity without any regrets or hesitation, you should not even try to step on this path. It is dangerous.

Do something else and with gratitude, and when the time comes, meet the sunset of your life.

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