Dwarfs and Gullivers


There are very few people in the world who are really small or really big, very low or very high. The majority of people are of average height and average body build.

And this is not only in the plane of physiology. In the area, which is considered to be spiritual, it is also extremely rare to find both inveterate villains and those over whom the halo of holiness shines brightly.

As a rule, we usually deal with a kind of synthesis of qualities that we personally consider to be either good or bad.

We look at this ‘vinaigrette’ from human qualities and try to understand which qualities prevail - good or bad. We mentally twist a person, like a plate with salad, trying to examine them from different angles, and each time our eyes cling to different facets of personality. But at the same time, we most often perceive all these faces as something holistic and unified in which one quality flows into the second one, the third flows from the second one forming the fourth, fifth, and so on to infinity.

Someone is looking for an ideal life partner, someone – for an ideal friend, someone – for an ideal business partner, and so on at every turn ... Especially, this is typical for teenagers and young people with their super-maximalist approach to everyone and everything. But alas - the search for the ideal most often ends in disappointment because the ideal does not exist in the real world. And even if it does, what is the ideal? Maybe exactly what we reject is the ideal?

If the dish is too sweet or too spicy, then it is unlikely to be tasty. We will not even be able to swallow it and we will feel sick even before the food gets into our stomach.

So are people. In time, you begin to understand that the ideal person is the one in whom completely different qualities are harmoniously balanced within their personality, and not the one in whom there is only one thing.

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