Scientific Work

The main areas of his scientific interests are development and research in areas such as biotechnology, genetics and physiology of high nervous activity.

Andrew V. Kudin believes that one can move from one age to another just as they can move from one room to another. According to Andrew V. Kudin’s opinion, the human body does not have the mechanism of aging, but aging itself is a pathology rather than a norm, and, in fact, aging is a set of breakdowns inside the body caused by diseases and incorrect lifestyle.

The practical work of Andrew V. Kudin is aimed at eliminating breakdowns that occur inside human body and creating certain conditions under which human body becomes not susceptible to any diseases and can exist infinitely. To achieve this goal, Andrew V. Kudin studies and collects recipes around the world aimed at achieving human longevity, youth and health.

In the field of religious studies, one of the main directions of scientific research of Andrew V. Kudin is the analysis and comparative characteristics of religious and philosophical systems of the East.

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