Philosophy is a science that teaches how to manage life using the laws of nature, society and man.

If you do not know how to manage your life, absolutely everything that you do is doomed and does not make any sense. It is the same as driving a race car on a highway without knowing how to drive it. Accident, complete destruction and imminent death is just a matter of time.

Of course, you can exist like plants or animals - without thinking about anything and obeying exclusively animal instincts. But in this case - how are we differ from them and would not it be better to be born in the body of an animal or a plant right away?

But we are people. Hundreds of millions of years were needed for us to become exactly who we are at this moment. Man is like an intermediate stage between the world of animals and the world of gods. And who we will ultimately become — will go up and become like gods, or will slide back to the animal kingdom – depends entirely on us.

Philosophy alone does not make a person better or worse. Philosophy is a science, thanks to which we acquire new knowledge and learn how to correctly structure information.

For convenience, we use the ancient Greek term φιλοσοφία, which literally translates in English to “love for wisdom”.

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